Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Industry’s 5 best tools to convert Flash games to Html5

Most of the flash games are in fact built for desktop. They can be converted to be compatible for mobile browsers and there are many great tool to convert Flash games to HTML5. Here we will go through few Flash to HTML5 conversion tools which are efficient and easy to use.

1.      Flash CS6

Adobe’s version of game creator is one of the most robust tools available in the market. This is certainly not cheap but is almost every time an inevitable tool when the requirement is considered. You will have to convert graphics for mobile anyhow, no matter what ever tool you are using.

2.      Jukebox

A set of JavaScript libraries is enough to port audio from flash version to HTML5 counterpart. Jukebox has been tested and certified by many professionals. They load files dynamically and perfectly merge with flash content making it easier to port.

3.      Texture Packer

Texture Packer is yet another creative tool which is cross platform and clutter free. It is simple and very helpful for amateurs and the professional companies that provide digital conversion services as well. Its ability to seamlessly import swf files make it a life saver when considering the time it saves.

4.      Shoebox

It is not a sprite sheet maker but there is more in it. The name implies that it is a mini tool box. There is a clutter free interface and a drag and drop facility which has three other highly functional icons. Shoebox helps in converting this quickly without any hassles.

5.      Zwoptex

Zwoptex is for Mac and that is the only caveat. The nifty little tool deliver best but suffer from not being able to import swf files. It can generate sprite sheets to multiple targets simultaneously, which makes it a preferred choice for digital conversion services.

There are companies which assist with flash to html5 conversion services which can be used to create breathtaking games by simply converting them. However the quality and speed of the output depends on the person and project strategy used for working it out. 

Thursday, 19 November 2015

5 operative and most recommended tips for Kindle eBook formatting

Formatting eBooks to enable publishing in Kindle requires some tips to be followed. Ebook conversion service providers are available who help to ease out the process but for those who want to learn how to single handedly convert a document, here we bring to you some neat tricks. 

1. Document preparation

Word documents that are prepared for publishing must be free from typewriter formatting. Uninvited fonts and blank spaces can be the silent killer if left unnoticed. Kindle eBook conversion requires documents in proper format to reduce layout issues. Cleaning up the document is required before setting it up. Proper usage of word styles to chapter headings allows the document to stay clean. 

2. Selection of Font

Generally professionals prefer simple fonts like Times New Roman or Ariel. Ergonomics and adaptive nature of these fonts have made them so popular. These fonts also lack any special characters which increase their chance of being selected. Before going on with a font remember to set it to automatic. This helps to avoid colorful fonts in books.

3. Paragraph formatting

If you want to create space after paragraphs always try to set a 10 point space then using returns; this is what most professional service providers prefer. Paragraph styling has to be justified. If you don’t then the Kindle will; so it is always better to manually set it. Older Kindles don’t handle hanging indents. Therefore it is a nice idea to avoid them. Always remember to insert a page break after the title page and after the last sentence of the chapter. 

4. Image insertion

JPG or GIF images with 96ppi are fine enough for Windows while 72 ppi is the best that Mac can handle. Line drawings and tables can have GIFs but for the rest, i.e. majority of the pictures should use JPGs. Images have to be centered and inserted inline. The cover image must be 600*800 pixels in size.

5. Other important tips

Most of the distributors discourage inserting advertisements and Amazon is also one such distributor. In the meantime try to fill the metadata so that reader can easily access the book. Formatting guides are useful in the sense that they support preparation of word documents and conversion using proprietary software.

These tips make life easier for digital publishers and related kindle eBook formatting services provider. Amateur publishers as well as qualified ones will be benefited from these tips. Professional eBook formatting companies offer extensive help in publishing digital formats for those who don’t want to steam their brains. 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

5 exceptionally operative tips for successful OCR conversion projects

OCR conversion services because of innumerable reasons are chosen by many businesses from around the world. Sway of companies like IMPACT and Google has helped to resurface the OCR methodology by advancing many useful features and providing robust conversion facilities. There are a few tips to consider while performing it and professional outsourcing companies are well aware of it.

Understand the content
You should have thorough knowledge of the material you are going to convert. It will help you to achieve a better conversion rate even if foreign languages are involved. Tools like Apache Tika can help you understand the language of a document.

Don’t over expect
There is a caveat in every process and the same applies with converting scanned images too. 90-95 %accuracy is more than welcomed for the services. Even if the software and hardware are pre-configured, don’t expect cent percent conversion rate. Also it is a costly process and the pricing can vary. Informational and structural layout also plays a part in the information availability.

Manage full text to a great extent
Optical Character Recognition processing will derive full text which offers an excellent way to enhance digital collections. Keep an eye out for any such full text occurances. Occurrences can be refined using keyword extraction, topic modelling and sentiment analysis.

Careful use of resources
Additional language sources used by technologies like IMPACT improvise the recognition rate by alarming margins. Historical variants and normalizations have to be applied and sufficient technical materials must be made useful during the process.

Post correction techniques
Since there may be mistakes even after OCR data conversion, a feasible way is to adapt to post correction techniques. These vary from crowdsourcing to special tools for data conversion professionals. Gamification offers a level of freedom and many applaud the use of it.

Some points to consider while planning your next project were discussed here in this short article. These fruitful tips for OCR are not to be strictly followed as such but can be tailor-made suiting your needs.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Centering the type- When and when not to?

When it comes to typesetting, using centered form is not something you should shun away from. However being able to judge the time and place for it is important.  Embracing centered type can challenge the rhythm of a reading pattern, especially when the rest of contents are aligned to left. Appropriateness of centered type is determined by the specific situations. Have a look on few of them.

When to use?
  • For the headlines for large chunk of text, most typesetting companies prefer using centered style. It is ideal for white papers and research documents with a lot of texts and paragraphs. 
  • Another important tip is to use centered type for headings above layouts with multiple columns. This is one of the best ways in such situations to show that the concerned heading is for everything below.
  • Professional typesetting service providers insist using this kind of alignment in certain situations when there are multiple short lines, say, in case of posters, invitations and greeting cards etc. As there is only a little text, they can be easily shifted to middle.

When not to use?
  • Using this style will seem weird with small and short subheads. It is always better to keep it shifted towards left itself.
  • Texts aligned in bullets are already hanging and indented. So, it is better to avoid altering alignment in any way as it will not look properly spaced.
  • When you decide to use centered type, ask yourself the purpose. Don’t simply go for it without any good reason.

In most of the cases, the reader’s flow is hindered when this style is used. So, use it if and only if you have a proper purpose. Knowing typesetting basics is really important before you proceed. If you find it uncomfortable to typeset by yourself, a lot of companies offering typesetting services, select the best among them and they will provide great results for you.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Vector illustration tips for redefining your exceptionality

Before shedding light on techniques that can help you in taking your vector illustration works to an elevated level, you should be acquainted with the fact that the most important factor influencing your work is the concept or idea.

Regardless of the medium or software you chose, creativity is most crucial. A professional company offering creative illustration services will surely agree to the said and they will be keen in hiring only creative people who think out of the box.

Now just go through some tips that may help you in refining your skills and being more confident.

Provide what the client exactly wants

The very first step you should take is to inquire about client’s needs. After understanding exactly what they need, you can study their concerned industry and business. Based on that you can invent a concept and illustrate it through your craft.

Bezier tools can help a lot

Bezier tools is something that you should master. It may take time but it’s really worthy for the effort you take. You can get the shapes and lines you want in a precise manner. Learn different shortcuts for getting things done speedily.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Illustration should start with creativity and proceed with experimentation. Add elements, remove them, try something different and try again. Ultimately what you had in mind will evolve. Even outputs far beyond your initial expectations may materialize.

Send the work in TIFF format

Normally experts in a professional company offering digital illustration services may start working in CMYK format. Even if the final image is a vector, you should send it to your client in TIFF format. This avoids any issues related to colors or compositions.

People love simplicity

Keep a track of the layers. No one wants to see how much tools you know and what all you incorporate. Customers need outputs that appear pleasing to them and aptly suit their requirements. So, you should provide illustration services that convey the actual message and serve the exact purpose.

Embrace consistency

While working adhere to consistency in the style you follow and maintain it in all the elements. Adding too many styles will make the illustration lack desired authority. However if you think that going unconventional can bring better results, trying it will bring no harm.

Above all, keep educating yourself by gathering information from all available reliable sources. Read articles, blogs and tutorials by experts from reputed illustration companies. Stay passionate and keep perspiring. 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Open source tools you must know if you are looking forward to self-publish.

For any writer, publishing his book is a dream come true. With readers preferring ePubs over printed versions, self-publishing has become easier. The availability of certain open source tools help you to do the job swiftly and with ease without having to rely on any professional service provider.

When you opt to self-publish, there are more things you should do than merely writing your book. When you are planning to publish the digital version in Epub format, careful checking must be done so as to assure that it is properly created. Also, if you have plans to sell the created book via Amazon’s Kindle library, it must be converted to a format that is supported by Kindle. Two popular and most effective tools for both are enumerated below.


Proper structuring is there for ePub files. Epub formatting service providers always try to maintain structured chapters, supporting files and directories. Regardless of the effort you take, few mistakes may always creep in. This make validating you book important which see to it that the book has all those elements that your reader expects in it. Few among those are complete metadata, valid XHTML, table of contents and working links etc.

Validation can be done easily using ePubcheck (a command line tool) and this is preferred by most of the professional eBook conversion companies.


You have to accept the fact that Amazon is the most popular and largest marketplace when it comes to the digital publishing, selling or purchasing of eBooks. However, it uses a format with .mobi as extension. For creating eBooks in this format, the publishing tool used is Book Type. However, eBook conversion to .mobi can be done using eBook convert which is another command line tool. 

Keep reading our blog to get more updates in ePublishing industry.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Exploiting the scope of eBooks for increasing the conversion rates

The sales of eBook have almost overtaken print book sales. People all around the globe are downloading digital versions in record numbers. This has also paved way to the emergence of numerous Indian companies offering professional eBook conversion services.

The increasing popularity of digital versions is a boon for marketers as well. In light of the fact that number of mobile users are rising continuously, reaching target audience is quite easy with eBooks and marketers are focusing to exploit this scope. Getting more leads by increasing the conversation rate is not an easy task. It needs proper strategy planning and its flawless execution. 

Underlying tips can help you to elevate the conversation rate using eBooks. 

Cover design

Having an enticing ebook cover design is one among the most significant elements that can help in boosting signups and downloads.  A killer cover grabs a positive first impression and forces prospects to have a second look on your book. The initial connection with target audience is the cover page and getting it right is the first thing that you should assure.

Book title

Playing with words is something that you should master or get help from an expert copywriter. The title should invoke a curiosity in the reader to explore more. Also the font you use must be attractive as well as readable. If you think using an additional sub-title will fetch better results, don’t hesitate to do so. 

Call to action

Call to action should be included. It should either point to another eBook, navigate them to your website or invite them for signing up. Infuse a sense of urgency so that people are compelled to make the click. 

Marketing the marketing tool

Your eBook also needs some marketing. The basic thing you must assure is that of a great landing page. It should look attractive and convince the visitors. Digital versions don’t have a back cover. So, include the blurb which shortly describes the content in the material. Highlight main benefits and features of the book and use a couple of call to actions. 

Be consistent

According to experienced Indian companies offering eBook conversion services, an ongoing marketing campaign can help a lot. Promotion via social media and writing guest articles are some really operative tactics. If possible, get some established reviewers to review your books. 

By following above guidelines, you can surely stimulate your eBook to be the best marketing tool for your business. 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Latest trends that 3D animation industry will witness in 2015

Animation has always been evolving ever since the idea materialized. It is not something just about big budget Hollywood movies. You see it across multiple media channels including apps, websites, advertising, videos etc. More than entertainment industry it is something utilized the most by sales people for presenting their products to customers. Also real estate developers, architects and designers use it.

Over time, the line separating graphics and live actions are becoming vaguer. Many companies offering 3D designing services have really creative people who master animation and get indulged in exploring the limitless scope it bestows. Businesses have started adopting three dimensional logos instead of two dimensional ones. Interactivity has now become an inevitable element for successful marketing strategies and for that you should hire any of the best 3D designing companies in India.  However, for making the most out of three dimensional technologies, staying up-to-date with the trends is pivotal.

3D animation

Indian professionals have nowadays started embracing mixed styles for computer graphics. This is in fact inspired by the grand success received by the latest feature of Disney/Pixar, Big Hero 6. It was a mix of eastern and western artistic influences.

In 2015, the reliance on Non Photo realistic Rendering (NPR) has increased. Professionals have shifted from the trend of struggling to create realist frames. They now focus more on creating impressionistic animation and that is getting more acceptance.

Ability for imitating organic media has increased. Rather than capturing a mere look, animators these days understand the properties of the concerned medium and proceed to assure the exact organic feel.

The present strides in 3d animation and the vigour with which companies offering 3D designing services testifies that some really unique visions can be witnessed in 2015.

If you want to be updated about the latest news, events and trends in animation world, our blog would really be helpful. Keep reading and sharing your views as comments will be highly appreciated. 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sketchup tips for better results

Sketchup is doubtlessly one of the easiest options for learning 3D modeling. Service providers in India may be using a lot of other advanced tools but this is something everybody is comfortable with.

There are some really amazing tips that if adopted can avail you far better results with Sketchup.

Use a three-button mouse

For navigating in sketchup it is always advisable to use a 3 button mouse. The scroll wheel in the middle is very useful here. After clicking on it, if you hold this button down, the orbit tool is activated temporarily. This obviously saves a lot of time as there is no need to keep on going back again and again for activating the tool. 

Use components and groups

Using components and groups have multiple advantages for professionals in a 3D designing company in India. It helps you to keep the model organized. You can easily hide certain parts of the model and work on the other things veiled behind something. With groups, different parts of the geometry can be isolated and they can be protected from each other. Using groups, you can easily control and move a geometry collection instead of having to select pieces one by one.

Components are used by professional 3D printing and modeling experts in Indian companies for creating identical copies for something.  Changes made to one instance will reflect on all other instances of the component concerned.

Understand simple way for making multiple copies

For moving and copying something, Ctrl + V followed by CTRL + C is not the best way. Select the object to be copied and use Move tool for starting the move. Then hit CTRL button that intimates Sketchup that you want to create a copy. Now it can be moved to any specified distance by typing the needed distance and pressing the enter key.

Arrow key can be used for locking axis

When you try to move an element or simply draw a line, it may be a bit difficult to completely control the process. This issue is solved by hitting the needed arrow key while you are moving. Up arrow, left arrow and right arrow are the blue axis, green axis and red axis respectively.

For intricate moves, use multiple steps

When you are trying to move something in a complex path, Sketchup may find it difficult to comprehend and respond effectively. Using multiple steps is the most common method followed by professionals in Indian companies to solve this issue. By this, you can position the object with absolute precision.

Remember and use shortcuts

As you will have to switch tools frequently, using shortcuts is important to avoid wasting time and suffering the frustration of repeating the same actions again and again. Using Sketchup for 3D designing can really be more comfortable if you take an initial additional effort to learn and memorize shortcuts.

If the above tips are taken into consideration, your 3D designing process will be enjoyable and even more creative and prolific. 

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

How to make interactive eBooks engaging?

It’s beyond debate that eBooks are swiftly replacing traditional print books. With digitization a lot of advantages can be enjoyed, both by readers as well as publishers. It is a cost-effective option that assures more security to your documents. Also the files can be easily transferable and the space consumed by them is radically slashed. 

When it comes to interactive eBooks, the level of user-friendliness is further elevated. Prior to the arrival of hand-held devices, conversion was carried out just for the sake of passive reading; there was no multimedia nor any interactive elements. Earlier such communicating features were embedded only in cases of educational books which had to explain complex subjects. It involved investment of time, cost and effort hugely. But with the mobile revolution, things changed significantly. Now publishing standards like ePub3 and mobile technologies such as HTML5 have made interactive eBook conversion quite an easy task. 

Leveraging unmatched benefits of latest technologies, more and more books are being converted to electronic formats. Making them engaging however is a challenge. Just by incorporating interactive features may not serve the purpose. If done without proper thought, adding heavy elements may hinder eBook accessibility via handheld devices. 

Making optimal use of images while formatting can surely be advantageous; people appreciate images, colours and vibrancy. Adding some related images can increase the interest of readers and they will get more engaged to explore what you have to say. Also the descriptive capability of images largely exceeds text. So, this power of the images can be utilized effectively. 

You can also add sounds, lights and even animation while formatting eBooks. When you are writing for children, peppy elements will allure them. Contrary to that if your electronic book has to satisfy the yearning of a scholastic group, animations are ideal for explaining concepts and equations as well as for solving problems. Also read our blog about effective animation techniques and types for eBooks.

For engaging the readers, instructional design can do favors. Deciding where and when to add interactive features is vital for eBook conversion and every service provider must know that. Also it is relevant to identify the type of interactivity that has to be embedded. The content in the digital version should obviously be digital friendly but the service provider must make sure that it is understandable and valuable to the readers. 

The options that a service provider offering eBook formatting and conversion has is in fact limitless.  However only expert people can assure quality services by making the most out of it. So, it is imperative that you select the best people in the industry.