Sunday, 11 January 2015

How to make interactive eBooks engaging?

It’s beyond debate that eBooks are swiftly replacing traditional print books. With digitization a lot of advantages can be enjoyed, both by readers as well as publishers. It is a cost-effective option that assures more security to your documents. Also the files can be easily transferable and the space consumed by them is radically slashed. 

When it comes to interactive eBooks, the level of user-friendliness is further elevated. Prior to the arrival of hand-held devices, conversion was carried out just for the sake of passive reading; there was no multimedia nor any interactive elements. Earlier such communicating features were embedded only in cases of educational books which had to explain complex subjects. It involved investment of time, cost and effort hugely. But with the mobile revolution, things changed significantly. Now publishing standards like ePub3 and mobile technologies such as HTML5 have made interactive eBook conversion quite an easy task. 

Leveraging unmatched benefits of latest technologies, more and more books are being converted to electronic formats. Making them engaging however is a challenge. Just by incorporating interactive features may not serve the purpose. If done without proper thought, adding heavy elements may hinder eBook accessibility via handheld devices. 

Making optimal use of images while formatting can surely be advantageous; people appreciate images, colours and vibrancy. Adding some related images can increase the interest of readers and they will get more engaged to explore what you have to say. Also the descriptive capability of images largely exceeds text. So, this power of the images can be utilized effectively. 

You can also add sounds, lights and even animation while formatting eBooks. When you are writing for children, peppy elements will allure them. Contrary to that if your electronic book has to satisfy the yearning of a scholastic group, animations are ideal for explaining concepts and equations as well as for solving problems. Also read our blog about effective animation techniques and types for eBooks.

For engaging the readers, instructional design can do favors. Deciding where and when to add interactive features is vital for eBook conversion and every service provider must know that. Also it is relevant to identify the type of interactivity that has to be embedded. The content in the digital version should obviously be digital friendly but the service provider must make sure that it is understandable and valuable to the readers. 

The options that a service provider offering eBook formatting and conversion has is in fact limitless.  However only expert people can assure quality services by making the most out of it. So, it is imperative that you select the best people in the industry. 

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