Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Exploring Custom 3D Modeling

3D graphics is something really complex and it serves a wide variety of industries including architecture, engineering, games and films. One of the main upsides is that the 3D modeling service cost is perfectly reasonable when the benefit bestowed by it is considered. 

Custom 3D modeling is in fact more about the logistics as the output is a mathematical representation for the object describing the way the object is brought together. 

Getting into the details

3D modeling can be considered as an optimal mix of maths, design and geometry. With the help of specific software programs, it creates files that serve as instructions to the 3D printers. For 3d printing it is in fact a great boon. Like an architect, builder or a sculptor, modeling demonstrates the way by which a building or an object is created.  While a blueprint represents the building’s 2D representation, a three dimensional model represents the building three dimensionally. 

There are programs such as ZBrush, Rhinoceros, SketchUp or Blender etc. by which files created by 3D designers representing points in the space with a lot of geometry like polygons, curves and triangles can tie different points into a three dimensional object. 

3D models are of two types mainly- CAD and mesh. The former is a series of steps to create an object and it can be modified on the go; the entire file doesn’t have to be rewritten. Mesh on the other hand represents how the surface of an object will look like. It actually resembles a wrapped mesh to an object.

Though there are different types of files created by CAD software, STL file is the common type. Taking the design, these files transform it to a polygon geometry in three dimensional space paving way for an object that comprises triangles, edges, curves and vertices. 

File resolution is a serious consideration as it determines the quality, texture of surface and details regarding the printed object etc. As the resolution of files lower, triangles become larger thus giving objects a more unclear and pixelated look. If you set the desired resolution in the software used, files with higher quality can be exported. STL files with high resolution will be large and details may be sometimes too much making it infeasible for certain printers to print. So, check with the guidelines of printer beforehand. 

It is always better if you outsource to a professional 3d modeling service providers. There will definitely be artists as well as designers capable of making use of processes and techniques including 3D visualization, rendering and animation etc. to add more life to the screen. They will also be mastering the best ways to convert those images into physical objects through three dimensional modeling.

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Advantages of virtual reality and simulation in learning

There are several advantages of virtual reality and simulation. When it comes to training, the benefits are in fact seamless for both trainers and learners. Underlying are some of the significant ones among them that need to be mentioned.

Practical acquaintance is provided

After imparting theoretical knowledge through e-learning, information learned can be verified by creating VR scenarios. Thus learners can be availed a complete package and its really beneficial. Trainers can gauge the level of understanding, responsiveness and competence of the learners. 

Learning is made easier and a fun

Children are turned on by sounds, shapes and colours etc. and they watch, listen and try different things. This is how they actually learn. Virtual reality environment makes use of these rudimentary ideologies to create fun and thus memorable and compelling results. Optimal incorporation of audios, graphics and videos etc., helps.

Costs incurred is drastically reduced

In case if the training resources with you are limited, equipment is unaffordable or a lot of people are there to be trained simultaneously, virtual reality e-learning can be the ultimate solution for you. By creating your equipment virtually with every possible minutest of the detail, a training program can be provided to the learners which will enable them to communicate with it, proceed with the best of practice procedures or scenarios for fault finding etc., the actual real item need not be accessed. 

Complex situations are made easier

The complicated pieces in a process, system or equipment can be easily recreated with several techniques of 3d VR simulation. With this e-learning form, users can learn about difficult processes and mechanisms which would be logistically or physically tough to learn in other situations. 

Safer environment is created

In some occasions, training of staff is quite an expensive process; sometimes, it is very risky posing threat to damage of expensive equipment or serious personal injury. A hazardous real-life situation can be avoided by replicating the dangerous equipment. The interactive scenarios created to eliminate the concerns thus helping users to gain the needed knowledge about the subject matter in a safe manner. 

If you believe that creating VR based learning can benefit your company and consumers, contact MAP Systems. We will create perfect life-like interactive 3d virtual environments at reasonable rates within the stipulated time frame.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

OCR in translation - an unbiased analysis

Some of the translators use Optical Character Recognition for preparing final documents to be translated while others don’t. First of all, let us evaluate the reasons of preferring and not choosing OCR in translation.

Using OCR

The upsides

Optical Character Recognition is used in case if a translation memory has to be maintained. When it run on any document, it has to be passed through a procedure of layout. In case of a legal type of document with 30 pages, approximately three hours may be taken. OCR style output has to be corrected and at the same time, it has to be ensured that no data has gone missing; it’s very crucial for perfect OCR document management.

The pitfalls

Quality concerns among agency or translator is one of the reasons why this technology is not preferred. However, this is not a genuine worry as spending enough time for layout process and taking proper care will disqualify the said reasoning. The actual reason is that people don’t want to spend time on formatting but doing so bring favor to the customer by saving translation memory.


It is mainly used on scanned PDF and image documents. The former is commonly related with tax and law industry. They may be signed contracts, death, birth or marriage certificates or else any other type of official documents.

Images having text can be subjected to Optical Character Recognition but the returns are diminishing. Unless, there is enough text, there is no point in using optimal character recognition technique.

For using this technology, you may use any engine. However, do a thorough analysis based on the quality assured and rates incurred. You simply have to run the document, do OCR document formatting and editing followed by its translation. In most of the OCR engines, the process is not that complicated.

It is always recommended to frame a system where things are tracked by customers and an original copy of scanned documents in digital format are preserved by the customers. Most of the times this fails as customers may be busy and service providers want to make the whole process look easier.

MAP Systems offers remarkable class of OCR scanning and conversion services.  If you want to know more details regarding the offering, working methodology and the tools and techniques we use, contact us and we will furnish all needed details.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Upsides of virtual architectural 3D walkthrough

Advantages of 3D walkthrough is realized in scenarios when we want to see a physical object in three dimensional solid form. This is never possible by 2D views as the results obtained doesn’t provides a clear idea of the object features. For 3D modelling, the artists equip themselves with various techniques for creating models, visualizations and animations. Since they are well versed with various techniques, best results can be obtained. Now let us see some of the prominent advantages of virtual architectural 3D walkthrough.

Architectural 3d walkthrough 

Learning tool

Three dimensional models can serve as an important learning tool for many. By using 3D technology, concepts can be created that can be comprehended easier by tactile or visual learners. People who learn with the ability of feel and those capable of learning via visual recognition are immensely benefited with this.

Innovative technology

Art can be easily mimicked with 3D by using optimal lighting, software and photo realistic competences. Artistic 3D models can be created that can be advantageous for art as another media is provided. One amongst the earlier forms is sculpture. Now things have changed to a more advanced level and it can be taken to a higher point for creating new vibrant media.

Sales booster

3D visualizations can catalyse the sales process. In case of property development firms, three dimensional models can be helpful for architects as well as designers to get the work done exactly as per customer expectations. Also they can see the properties even well in advance by persuading the prospects with a model of the property that is being developed. These days, customers are buying solely based on the quality of models presented to them and this has made 3d walkthrough services gain more significance and demand.

Saves time

Earlier, planning and design etc. consumed a lot of time with the conventional methods. But to survive in this market quality outcome within shortest turnaround time is mandatory. Services from a typical 3d architectural walkthrough company can really come handy for this. The design process aided by computer minimizes efforts and time for useful data generation.

By three dimensional walkthrough, floor plans can be easily understood. You can convert a 2D floor plan into 3D with CAD software programs directly without any hassles. This can be a boon for those planning to assure pre-sales of their properties. Marketing initiatives gain more life with this advanced technology.

MAP Systems is a reliable name when it comes to 3d animation walkthrough services. The artists here are qualified, experienced and ardent connoisseurs who are thronged with creativity to do things in a different and better manner. They are invigorated with most advanced tools and their skills are continually enhanced through strategic training programs. Considering the budgetary constraints of all types of customers, several packages to fit every category is availed. Work is carried out in line with customer guidelines and is completed within the agreed deadline. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Things to know before you try to create professional ePub

In this digital age, companies offering ePub design services are flourishing rapidly. The innovations in digitization has brought challenges as well as greater opportunities for designers. Underlying are some tips for effectively exploiting the maximum from the scope offered by digitization. 

Firstly be acquainted with different formats

EPUB when expanded electronic publication format is an umbrella term encompassing several digital versions. Two main formats are Reflowable and Fixed Layout EPUBs. In the former, live text is there. You can chose, highlight and if needed search through it; the text reflows here and hence the name reflowable. In latter, the layout is rigidly fixed and is not responsive. 

Find out the right software for you

When it comes to digital publishing, there is no name that emerges to the top as a leader. Therefore designers have a profusion of choice. You can select the most appropriate one based on your needs, skill set and budget. The ePub conversion software selected must serve your purpose completely. Some of the popular software are Adobe InDesign, Adobe Digital Publishing Solution and Apple iBooks Author. 

Make your ePub organized and consistent

Just as in case of print media, if you want to create professional ePub, assure that the matter is properly organized and consistency is maintained. This assures comfort of reader as they can navigate easily. Before getting to the inside, firstly have best eBook cover design for you. Remember that magazines and eBooks are different. People choose to buy eBooks if the cover page stimulates them. So, give extra care to the said factor. Then work on the content pages by making use of icons, colour codes and various layout options effectively. Using same colour combinations as well as typefaces and type sizes lifts your professionalism. Keeping element consistent throughout provides a unified and neat look. 

Add certain level of Interactivity

Prefer to create interactive ePub eBook, than staying normal.  The design is getting more advanced and readers and therefore expecting more. So, integrating more features of interactivity is anticipated. Reducing text and complementing the existing ones with audios, videos and other media can create huge impact. For magazines and eLearning, this is of peek relevance. Children also love interesting interactive features.  Adobe Captivate is the right software that can help at this point. 

When it comes to digital conversion, a lot of companies are there that can assist you in any way you want. MAP Systems is a name to reckon with when it comes to ePub conversion services. The digital conversion company has assisted several business and freelancers worldwide for a wide variety of digital conversion and related requirements. Equipped with best people with great work knowledge and most sophisticated technologies, we offer beyond reproach and cost-effective epub creation and formatting solutions within a short turnaround time. To discuss about a new project or for any type of queries, you can contact us all time round the clock. 

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Tips for immaculate 3d visualization services

In this present era, where digitization has completely transformed the marketing approaches and impacts, 3d architectural visualization services is one of the most sought after provisions. Detailed below are some of the best tips for making sure that the results generated are top-notch.

Architectural 3d visualization

Be yourself

Every creative artist will be having his own unique techniques and approaches to do things. Optimally merge the right ones and experiment things; it really works. Scrutinizing works of those big fishes in the industry providing 3d visualization services also helps.

Afore beginning

Before initiating, have a clear idea of the exact requirement you have. Simply designing or even sketching may turn out to be completely futile and mere waste of time. Start with an idea and see where you reach. There are times when the ultimate outcome becomes far better that your expectations.

Once started

Soon after an idea is obtained, you can proceed towards sketching or designing as needed. Make sure that there is uniqueness in the work. Make it realistic and attractive. Render engines when used strategically can avail photo-realistic output; v-ray, Maxwell and Arnold etc. are some common ones.

Minute details matter

You must pay close attention towards even the minutest of details when it comes to 3d architectural rendering services. This is important to make sure of excellence. If you note, a majority of objects don’t have sharp hard edges. There is certain amount of roundness.  Keep this basic thing in mind as taking care of this fact itself can help you in getting more natural and real look.

Organize your work

You should keep on taking backups frequently. Use appropriate naming conventions as well as proper folder structures. This will keep things organized and you can save a lot of time by doing so.

Take negative feedbacks positively

Ask for feedbacks from experts as well as laymen around you. Constructive criticism always contributes towards your growth. Post your works in relevant online media to gather suggestions and feedbacks. Keep on improving yourself.

MAP Systems is one of the most noted 3d architectural rendering companies owing to its perfection and professionalism. Team here is creative, trained and passionate. The 3d rendering company thus assure customer satisfaction by every possible means.

In case if you have any 3D services related requirements to outsource, contact the customer support team and get excellent assistance.  

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Graphic design tips and tricks with certain tools for colours and fonts

Awe-inspiring design is never just a product of your creativity or talent but a lot more things are included. There are some really operative tools as well as graphic design tips and tricks that you need to have in your armoury.  

graphic designing services

Colours and fonts are crucial and hence before digging deep, let us start the discussions focussing them.

Color tips

Take the fact with a pinch of salt that if you use the wrong color, everything is ruined. You need to be acquainted with those specific hues and blends that can evoke desired emotions in your prospects. Let us see some important tools and techniques that every graphic design services India based company must know. 

  • A lot of people are there online who are addicted to colours. They craft and share different colour patterns and palettes here Colourlovers. From them, you can select those suiting your needs. 
  • Color. Adobe – With this tool, you can create classic combinations using complementary schemes to compound and shades. Also their RGB and CMYK models can be tracked. 
  • Canvas. Pantone –This delightful tool can help immensely when the demand is like “something green or natural like”. You can chose the needed colour and scrutinize its scope in various industries. Several hundreds if illustrations from different designers can be seen. 
  • 0to255- Her you can input any colour you prefer and different variations of its darker and lighter shades can be obtained. 
  • Cymbolism- This website reveals to you different emotions each shades of colours communicate. 
  • Brandcolors- It is repository of colour codes that reputed brands have used.
  • 100-color-combinations from Canva- Here you will find 100 combinations of colours suiting different designs and occasions along with some prolific recommendations. 
Font tips

Even handwritten ones can be impressive. A font suiting real estate website may look weird for an IT website. One which is perfect in a brochure is never recommended for business cards. A lot of facts regarding these exist that only professionals offering graphic designing services know. Below mentioned are some tools and hubs related to fonts that you must know. 

  • Typegenius: Here you select any one desirable for your concept and the tool provides 5 more options that are more perfect. Along with them their live illustrations are shown. 
  • Fontsquirrel- This helpful website has a collection that is manually collected; they are also free for use. 
  • Fontspring. It is another website very much similar to the above mentioned squirrel but with easier filter systems along with the lists which are suitable for apps, eBooks, web and desktop. Also bestselling ones are listed. 
  • Typewolf: This is admired by those indulged in web-typography. You can see various typefaces as they are actually used in websites. On clicking the name of font, similar names and suggestive ones for combining as well as free alternative for them will be shown. 
  • Fontface.ninja- This serves as your aid while browsing the web. While browsing it will tell you the details including name and size of the one you want. 
If you are a graphic design service provider or keen to know about the niche, the above tools can be of great help for you. 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

5 guiding principles towards immaculate 3D visualization services

Digital designs have transformed construction domain to a great extent. It has paved way for creation of really compelling and perceptive architecture visualizations. People nowadays rely hugely on an architectural 3d visualization and rendering company for getting perfect models before starting the construction process. However, not all the professionals are capable of availing top-notch outcomes.  Being aware of certain 3d architectural visualization tips can help 3D artists a lot. Let us see top 5 among them. 

1. Stay unique and confident
No matter whatever the rules are, every artist will definitely be having his own techniques and methods for creating a model. He should confidently follow them but at the same time he should not stay reluctant to think creatively and blend various operative techniques. This is important for assuring more effusive 3D visualization services

2. Pause and plan
Before initiating any project, pause for a while and get an idea regarding your precise needs. Ask yourself what the final product should be. This will guide you properly to reach where you want to be. 

3. Observe, observe and observe
Staying realistic is always appreciated. In real world a lot of imperfections are there and making your model perfect will bestow to it unrealism. This should never happen. For instance, most of the objects in real world don’t have their edges perfectly smooth and hard. They are a bit round if you note them carefully. Remembering this while working will help you to create more realistic visualizations. 

4. Get inspired
Once you get an idea of your actual need, start collecting maximum possible reference images. You can simply start from the scratch or else depend on the already existing materials. Getting inspiration is never a vice but assure uniqueness in design. After that make the model convincing and tempting. For getting photorealistic output, you can rely on various render engines. 

5. Be efficient and welcome feedback
Start with a basic scene with all basic objects as this increase your productivity. Proceed step by step till completion. In each phase, ask people around you for constructive criticism, even suggestion from laymen without any technical know how it will help. You can also welcome feedbacks from the industry experts of reputed 3d architectural visualization firms by posting your works in Pinterest, CG Forums, Deviant art and Behance etc.

You must definitely be aware of above-mentioned tips before starting to professionally provide 3D architectural rendering services. Keep reading our blogs and get few more important tips regarding this topic in our future post.