Thursday, 19 November 2015

5 operative and most recommended tips for Kindle eBook formatting

Formatting eBooks to enable publishing in Kindle requires some tips to be followed. Ebook conversion service providers are available who help to ease out the process but for those who want to learn how to single handedly convert a document, here we bring to you some neat tricks. 

1. Document preparation

Word documents that are prepared for publishing must be free from typewriter formatting. Uninvited fonts and blank spaces can be the silent killer if left unnoticed. Kindle eBook conversion requires documents in proper format to reduce layout issues. Cleaning up the document is required before setting it up. Proper usage of word styles to chapter headings allows the document to stay clean. 

2. Selection of Font

Generally professionals prefer simple fonts like Times New Roman or Ariel. Ergonomics and adaptive nature of these fonts have made them so popular. These fonts also lack any special characters which increase their chance of being selected. Before going on with a font remember to set it to automatic. This helps to avoid colorful fonts in books.

3. Paragraph formatting

If you want to create space after paragraphs always try to set a 10 point space then using returns; this is what most professional service providers prefer. Paragraph styling has to be justified. If you don’t then the Kindle will; so it is always better to manually set it. Older Kindles don’t handle hanging indents. Therefore it is a nice idea to avoid them. Always remember to insert a page break after the title page and after the last sentence of the chapter. 

4. Image insertion

JPG or GIF images with 96ppi are fine enough for Windows while 72 ppi is the best that Mac can handle. Line drawings and tables can have GIFs but for the rest, i.e. majority of the pictures should use JPGs. Images have to be centered and inserted inline. The cover image must be 600*800 pixels in size.

5. Other important tips

Most of the distributors discourage inserting advertisements and Amazon is also one such distributor. In the meantime try to fill the metadata so that reader can easily access the book. Formatting guides are useful in the sense that they support preparation of word documents and conversion using proprietary software.

These tips make life easier for digital publishers and related kindle eBook formatting services provider. Amateur publishers as well as qualified ones will be benefited from these tips. Professional eBook formatting companies offer extensive help in publishing digital formats for those who don’t want to steam their brains. 

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