Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sketchup tips for better results

Sketchup is doubtlessly one of the easiest options for learning 3D modeling. Service providers in India may be using a lot of other advanced tools but this is something everybody is comfortable with.

There are some really amazing tips that if adopted can avail you far better results with Sketchup.

Use a three-button mouse

For navigating in sketchup it is always advisable to use a 3 button mouse. The scroll wheel in the middle is very useful here. After clicking on it, if you hold this button down, the orbit tool is activated temporarily. This obviously saves a lot of time as there is no need to keep on going back again and again for activating the tool. 

Use components and groups

Using components and groups have multiple advantages for professionals in a 3D designing company in India. It helps you to keep the model organized. You can easily hide certain parts of the model and work on the other things veiled behind something. With groups, different parts of the geometry can be isolated and they can be protected from each other. Using groups, you can easily control and move a geometry collection instead of having to select pieces one by one.

Components are used by professional 3D printing and modeling experts in Indian companies for creating identical copies for something.  Changes made to one instance will reflect on all other instances of the component concerned.

Understand simple way for making multiple copies

For moving and copying something, Ctrl + V followed by CTRL + C is not the best way. Select the object to be copied and use Move tool for starting the move. Then hit CTRL button that intimates Sketchup that you want to create a copy. Now it can be moved to any specified distance by typing the needed distance and pressing the enter key.

Arrow key can be used for locking axis

When you try to move an element or simply draw a line, it may be a bit difficult to completely control the process. This issue is solved by hitting the needed arrow key while you are moving. Up arrow, left arrow and right arrow are the blue axis, green axis and red axis respectively.

For intricate moves, use multiple steps

When you are trying to move something in a complex path, Sketchup may find it difficult to comprehend and respond effectively. Using multiple steps is the most common method followed by professionals in Indian companies to solve this issue. By this, you can position the object with absolute precision.

Remember and use shortcuts

As you will have to switch tools frequently, using shortcuts is important to avoid wasting time and suffering the frustration of repeating the same actions again and again. Using Sketchup for 3D designing can really be more comfortable if you take an initial additional effort to learn and memorize shortcuts.

If the above tips are taken into consideration, your 3D designing process will be enjoyable and even more creative and prolific. 

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