Monday, 23 March 2015

Latest trends that 3D animation industry will witness in 2015

Animation has always been evolving ever since the idea materialized. It is not something just about big budget Hollywood movies. You see it across multiple media channels including apps, websites, advertising, videos etc. More than entertainment industry it is something utilized the most by sales people for presenting their products to customers. Also real estate developers, architects and designers use it.

Over time, the line separating graphics and live actions are becoming vaguer. Many companies offering 3D designing services have really creative people who master animation and get indulged in exploring the limitless scope it bestows. Businesses have started adopting three dimensional logos instead of two dimensional ones. Interactivity has now become an inevitable element for successful marketing strategies and for that you should hire any of the best 3D designing companies in India.  However, for making the most out of three dimensional technologies, staying up-to-date with the trends is pivotal.

3D animation

Indian professionals have nowadays started embracing mixed styles for computer graphics. This is in fact inspired by the grand success received by the latest feature of Disney/Pixar, Big Hero 6. It was a mix of eastern and western artistic influences.

In 2015, the reliance on Non Photo realistic Rendering (NPR) has increased. Professionals have shifted from the trend of struggling to create realist frames. They now focus more on creating impressionistic animation and that is getting more acceptance.

Ability for imitating organic media has increased. Rather than capturing a mere look, animators these days understand the properties of the concerned medium and proceed to assure the exact organic feel.

The present strides in 3d animation and the vigour with which companies offering 3D designing services testifies that some really unique visions can be witnessed in 2015.

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