Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Exploring Custom 3D Modeling

3D graphics is something really complex and it serves a wide variety of industries including architecture, engineering, games and films. One of the main upsides is that the 3D modeling service cost is perfectly reasonable when the benefit bestowed by it is considered. 

Custom 3D modeling is, in fact, more about the logistics as the output is a mathematical representation for the object describing the way the object is brought together. 

Getting into the details

3D modeling can be considered as an optimal mix of maths, design and geometry. With the help of specific software programs, it creates files that serve as instructions to the 3D printers. For 3D printing, it is, in fact, a great boon. Like an architect, builder or a sculptor, modeling demonstrates the way by which a building or an object is created.  While a blueprint represents the building’s 2D representation, a 3D model represents the building three-dimensionally. 

There are programs such as ZBrush, Rhinoceros, SketchUp or Blender etc. by which files created by 3D designers representing points in the space with a lot of geometry like polygons, curves and triangles can tie different points into a 3D object. 

3D models are of two types mainly- CAD and mesh. The former is a series of steps to create an object and it can be modified on the go; the entire file doesn’t have to be rewritten. Mesh on the other hand represents how the surface of an object will look like. It actually resembles a wrapped mesh to an object.

Though there are different types of files created by CAD software, STL file is the common type. Taking the design, these files transform it to a polygon geometry in three-dimensional space paving way for an object that comprises triangles, edges, curves and vertices. 

File resolution is a serious consideration as it determines the quality, texture of surface and details regarding the printed object etc. As the resolution of files lower, triangles become larger thus giving objects a more unclear and pixelated look. If you set the desired resolution in the software used, files with higher quality can be exported. STL files with high resolution will be large and details may be sometimes too much making it infeasible for certain printers to print. So, check with the guidelines of printer beforehand. 

It is always better if you outsource to a professional 3d modeling service providers. There will definitely be artists as well as designers capable of making use of processes and techniques including 3D visualization, rendering and animation etc. to add more life to the screen. They will also be mastering the best ways to convert those images into physical objects through three dimensional modeling.

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