Monday, 13 April 2015

Exploiting the scope of eBooks for increasing the conversion rates

The sales of eBook have almost overtaken print book sales. People all around the globe are downloading digital versions in record numbers. This has also paved way to the emergence of numerous Indian companies offering professional eBook conversion services.

The increasing popularity of digital versions is a boon for marketers as well. In light of the fact that number of mobile users are rising continuously, reaching target audience is quite easy with eBooks and marketers are focusing to exploit this scope. Getting more leads by increasing the conversation rate is not an easy task. It needs proper strategy planning and its flawless execution. 

Underlying tips can help you to elevate the conversation rate using eBooks. 

Cover design

Having an enticing ebook cover design is one among the most significant elements that can help in boosting signups and downloads.  A killer cover grabs a positive first impression and forces prospects to have a second look on your book. The initial connection with target audience is the cover page and getting it right is the first thing that you should assure.

Book title

Playing with words is something that you should master or get help from an expert copywriter. The title should invoke a curiosity in the reader to explore more. Also the font you use must be attractive as well as readable. If you think using an additional sub-title will fetch better results, don’t hesitate to do so. 

Call to action

Call to action should be included. It should either point to another eBook, navigate them to your website or invite them for signing up. Infuse a sense of urgency so that people are compelled to make the click. 

Marketing the marketing tool

Your eBook also needs some marketing. The basic thing you must assure is that of a great landing page. It should look attractive and convince the visitors. Digital versions don’t have a back cover. So, include the blurb which shortly describes the content in the material. Highlight main benefits and features of the book and use a couple of call to actions. 

Be consistent

According to experienced Indian companies offering eBook conversion services, an ongoing marketing campaign can help a lot. Promotion via social media and writing guest articles are some really operative tactics. If possible, get some established reviewers to review your books. 

By following above guidelines, you can surely stimulate your eBook to be the best marketing tool for your business. 

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