Thursday, 9 October 2014

Reasons for the increasing favouritism and popularity of 3D rendering

3D rendering services have contributed immensely towards the growth of various businesses and there are some candid reasons that contribute towards the ever increasing preference and acceptance of 3D rendering services. Some of the most conspicuous among them are enumerated below.

The technology finds application in multiple industries

A typical company serves to multiple industries like that of real estate, interior design and architecture. Fashion, automotive and retail industries are using this technology. Also even without the actual product manufactured, companies can easily market their products. It moreover find applications in medicine and science for testing and teaching etc. Thus almost every industry is benefiting from three dimensional rendering services. 

Enjoy the luxury called flexibility

For creating the product’s photo-realistic image, you need not have to arrange any physical setting. The company needs just the proper idea and a working computer along with a reliable software for creating the product or design. To a professional 3D rendering company, you just have to provide your specifications regarding designs and the material references. The executives in the company will easily interpret the ideas you have and they will take care of the rest. 

It offers great level of perfection

The technology offers superb perfection. Perfection is vital in scenarios like interior design and architecture for assuring flawless execution of marketing and sales efforts. Any flaw can be corrected with minute adjustments and almost all types of client’s requests can be accommodated with ease. There are innumerable options available. You can control lighting, rearrange the design details and change the textures and background etc. Beyond you have many colour choices and present the design in night or day settings as well. 

Above all, hiring a professional 3D rendering company is really a cost effective option. However the main thing you should confirm is that you are relying on the right people who know their job very well.

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

How the role of publishers is becoming more relevant?

Publishing trade has kept on progressing and the changes will always ensue. As per relevant sources, even though many will be trying to self-publish in the coming years, the role of publishing houses will perhaps be even greater because of many facts among which virtues such as reliability, accuracy, security and quality top the list. Companies providing eBook conversion services in India are largely depending on publishing houses with proper and skilled resources in place and in plenty. 

As web has become accessible to all and internet has turned out to be a content mill with most of content available free of cost, people are more interested in apex quality, scrutinized and edited content. For this a staff of expert professionals is needed. Normally a publishing house on which a company offering eBook conversion services rely is equipped with editors, designers and proof readers. Thus a single eBook reaching the readers will be perfect as it is a collective effort of multi-talented resources.  

Beyond availing a user experience, the focus in future will be to provide a complete learning experience. So, accuracy and contextualized information will be made available along with specific options for searching. 

Service providers will always be in hunt for publishers having skill pool who break the customary rules and innovate without hesitation to emerge as a better option providing reader base a greater experience in all aspects.

Now when it comes to the selection of the best choice, numerous factors are to be considered. The best thing you can do is to check the option that most of the eBook conversion service providers in India are preferring. Also after approaching a service provider you can ask them for their previous works by which you can analyse and gauge their perfection. 

Also do inquire in the market regarding the rates and assure the cost-effectiveness of your options under consideration. 

Friday, 26 September 2014

Don’t worry if you can’t afford a professional company offering OCR conversion services

For many businesses these days OCR scanning services and conversion are inevitable. There are some great advantages in hiring a professional service provider for these services. However the fact to be accepted is that not all businesses may be monetarily sound enough to afford the expenses incurred. So, the alternative for them is to rely on some effective software for the purpose. 

Now when you decide to settle down for a software rather than investing on a company offering OCR scanning solutions, you will be in a dilemma regarding which one to choose among the wide array of options available. 

Below factors if considered will assure that you get the best one aptly satisfying your needs. 

How long the software has been in the conversion industry is perhaps the very first thing to be considered. Though this may not always guarantee that the software is the best one available, it serves as an indicator that the software has successfully fared against the market competition. 

Check for the input formats accepted by the software and the output formats they are capable of providing. Consider these against your needs and this genuinely helps. 

The best way to be safe is to ask other users about their experience in using the software. Inquire about the speed, accuracy and also the support provided. Even when the image is not clearest, the software should be impeccably accurate. 

The OCR scanning and conversion software you choose must be capable of accommodating multiple documents. Presence of features such as multiple language recognition is too a plus. 

Before buying a software test the efficiency and perfection of the software with a free trail. Make a critical comparison of the concerned software with others in the market before finalizing. 

Investing some time and effort in market study as well as research will surely help you in getting an ideal software offering the best OCR conversion services.

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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Dynamic ePub or fixed layout ePub? What suits you the best?

Companies providing eBook formatting services and conversion keep on getting inquiries regularly these days and this is mainly because businesses, authors and publishers alike have realized how significant it is to digitize. The coming digital era is completely going to dominate and in fact eliminate the traditional paperback practices.

Now when you have already made up your mind to rely on a company offering eBook formatting services and conversion, the next matter to be decided is whether to go on for dynamic ePub or fixed layout ePub conversion services.

So, now what is dynamic ePub? In the case of dynamic ePub, the elements in a page including images and texts reflow and fit to the screen of device. This is obviously great as things remain at a comfortably readable size no matter whatever the screen size is. But the issue is that the actual printed page layout and formatting is lost. This may not affect with dull books with lesser images and illustrations. However this type of eBook formatting never pleases in the context where page design is the key element and the book consists of a lot of photographs and illustrations.

The best alternative for the above issue is fixed layout ePub conversion services from an expert eBook formatting services provider. Here the page retains its layout always regardless of the screen size and device type. Precisely similar to reading the printed page itself but on a digital screen, user just has a small discomfort of zooming and panning around for seeing the details. These types of fixed layout ePub are suited preferably for highly illustrated books for children and coffee table books etc.

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You are the best person knowing what your exact requirements and target audience are. So, it would be great if you can sort out the option that helps you in achieving your objectives. However, a professional conversion company offering fixed layout eBook formatting services can advise and help you in this regard. 

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Book typesetting- process, inclusions, benefit and why you need expert assistance?

If you search over web, you will find a lot of companies that claim to offer best book typesetting services in India. But there are certain things you must be aware of, at least in a concise manner, before proceeding to the outsourcing step.


Typesetting is of huge significance when it comes to publishing. It is in fact the process of placing texts and images of proper size and style at proper places. Earlier the process was carried out by typesetters and things changed with emergence of newer technologies. Nowadays, it is also handled by graphic designers.


The whole process usually comprises of selecting specific font sizes and typefaces, using apt punctuation marks, applying character formatting such as bold, italic based on requirements and arranging texts in columns as well as formatting visual signposts like pull-quotes, decks and headlines. However, the inclusions can show slight variations depending on the book typesetting services in India you choose.


The value of any book depends on its capability to please the readers with content that communicates with them effectively. He/she should not have to take effort in grasping the actual idea of the book. Typesetting assures immense level of readability and eye-soothing appearance.

Why you need expert assistance?

Do you really need to hire an expert book typesetting service in India? With a surfeit of free tools available, it’s quite reasonable to assume that the process is everyone’s cup of tea. It of course looks easy but is not. Certain rules need to be followed and even the slightest of noncompliance to any of the rules can ruin your whole effort.
Not all the software and tools have same features and even if you find the apt ones, chances of getting professional output are very less.
So, hiring mavens who are trained to strike the perfect balance between readability and gracefulness is really a worthy investment to make.

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

E-book publishing – upsides luring authors and publishers alike

Putting in a considerable amount of thoughts and effort is very important when it comes to the writing process. However the actual success of your work hugely depends on the mode of publishing you choose and its quality. People increasingly prefer electronic publishing from professional eBook publishing companies in India because of the glut of benefits offered. 

eBook conversion services


Among the upsides, it’s the cost effectiveness of eBook publishing services in India which tops the list. For the simple reasons that all overhead expenses are eliminated, eBook when compared to print medium is considerably cheaper. Any number of free copies can be taken for electronic books while expense is incurred for every single page in case of traditional books. 

Quick turnaround time

Releasing a traditional print book means you have to wait longer, perhaps even up to several months. On the other hand, outsourcing to any reputed company assures that you get the things done within a really shorter time period.  

Increased popularity

The surveys conducted by relevant sources indicate that demand for electronic books is continuously rising attributing to numerous factors. Modern reader’s alignment to digital media, ease of carrying and the better reading experience are just a few to mention among many. 

Easy to update and encrypt

If ever in future you want to update the work, it can be done easily. Also there are no aggravations in encrypting your work, to keep it safe. In addition to that, after getting your work published by a company providing these services in India, you can selectively share the work among your desired group. 

Assuring readers a comfortable access and pleasing experience is vital for your success as an author. This is facilitated flawlessly if you hire any of the leading eBook publishing companies in India. 

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Friday, 11 July 2014

3D sculpting - Some facts you need to know

3D sculpting is in fact the technique of manipulating a digital object just as if it’s clay. Typically a best 3D sculpting company normally uses mesh-based geometry and voxel-based geometry.
best 3D sculpting company in India
3D Sculpting 
Tools used for the process

There are a lot of tools used and all are unique with their own advantages and disadvantages. To leverage the maximum benefits of the tools, you need an expert assistance; outsourcing 3D sculpting in India is surely the most sensible thing you can do. The majority among the best 3D sculpting companies are experts in using 3D coat, Z-brush, Mud-box, Sculptris, CB model pro, Freeform and Sharp Construct

Uses of this technology

Sculpt modeling is one of the latest technologies and it’s because of the unsurpassed provisions offered in diverse fields, its popularity is skyrocketing.
An ideal company adequately uses the technology for achieving hyper-realistic as well as photorealistic results. Applications such as MODO and 3ds Max have recently started incorporating this molding capability but it’s not as much advanced as in case of applications that are sculpting specific. 
Most of those outsourcing 3D sculpting in India are from niches including industrial design, illustrations, art, movies, games and more.

Outsource to India and have peace of mind!

Just provide them with sketches or the professionals in Indian companies can even start from the scratch. They guarantee complete privacy for all your confidential data. As most of the 3D sculpting outsourcing companies in India has ample resources, you need not worry about the violation of deadline; it never happens. They also offer customized solutions and that too with numerous packages designed in a manner so as to fit to the budget of almost all categories of customers.
Outsourcing 3D sculpting in India has many advantages but to assure that you select the right service provider, please do eyeball on certain factors including their experience, expertise, portfolio and assurance regarding customer support.

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Friday, 6 June 2014

It is time to bid adieu to traditional publishing

The rise of electronic publishing as one of the most preferred means to share information is rapid. Nowadays the customary printed bulks are stepping aside for eBooks and many of the best epublishing companies have started offering their services at nominal rates.

Why should you prefer epublishing services provided by any of the best epublishing Services providing company in India over the traditional means? Well! There are innumerable reasons to embrace this technological provision.   

best e publishing companies

The major concern for any publisher or business is to keep their document in superior condition. Unlike traditional books that may be mishandled, torn or get drenched, ebooks never encounter any such issues.
  •    Epublishing guarantees top security. You can easily encrypt the document and if needed selectively distribute the document in private among the desired parties.
  • ·   Data replication can be done in a more efficient, cost-effective and secure manner. Rather than spending on ink and papers for creating duplicate hard copies, you simply create soft copies.
  •     With epublishing a lot of space is saved. The files which would have otherwise consumed a room full of cupboards can now be stored in a hard disk that fits to your pocket easily.
  •     Hassles of transporting massive manuscripts are completely alleviated. You need not have to suffer any discomfort; just few clicks are needed and the documents can reach to any part of the globe within seconds.
  •   As ebooks are manipulated digitally, you can easily access the web for more details regarding any particular subject or most of the documents actually arrive with internal links that helps you in navigation accordingly.
  •    With electronic publishing, periodic revision of documents is easier where as it is almost impossible with traditional documents.
Hiring services from any of the best epublishing services providing company in India assures lower costs and speedy publication. You get great quality services that are authentic and expedient through most modern tools and techniques.  

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Mapsystems is one of the best best epublishing service providing company in India  offering quality services in ebook conversion, prepress services, graphic designing, 3D services for publishers and various other domains. Our services include book typesetting, copy editing, XML conversion, kindle conversion, OCR conversion and more.

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