Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Things to know before you try to create professional ePub

In this digital age, companies offering ePub design services are flourishing rapidly. The innovations in digitization has brought challenges as well as greater opportunities for designers. Underlying are some tips for effectively exploiting the maximum from the scope offered by digitization. 

Firstly be acquainted with different formats

EPUB when expanded electronic publication format is an umbrella term encompassing several digital versions. Two main formats are Reflowable and Fixed Layout EPUBs. In the former, live text is there. You can chose, highlight and if needed search through it; the text reflows here and hence the name reflowable. In latter, the layout is rigidly fixed and is not responsive. 

Find out the right software for you

When it comes to digital publishing, there is no name that emerges to the top as a leader. Therefore designers have a profusion of choice. You can select the most appropriate one based on your needs, skill set and budget. The ePub conversion software selected must serve your purpose completely. Some of the popular software are Adobe InDesign, Adobe Digital Publishing Solution and Apple iBooks Author. 

Make your ePub organized and consistent

Just as in case of print media, if you want to create professional ePub, assure that the matter is properly organized and consistency is maintained. This assures comfort of reader as they can navigate easily. Before getting to the inside, firstly have best eBook cover design for you. Remember that magazines and eBooks are different. People choose to buy eBooks if the cover page stimulates them. So, give extra care to the said factor. Then work on the content pages by making use of icons, colour codes and various layout options effectively. Using same colour combinations as well as typefaces and type sizes lifts your professionalism. Keeping element consistent throughout provides a unified and neat look. 

Add certain level of Interactivity

Prefer to create interactive ePub eBook, than staying normal.  The design is getting more advanced and readers and therefore expecting more. So, integrating more features of interactivity is anticipated. Reducing text and complementing the existing ones with audios, videos and other media can create huge impact. For magazines and eLearning, this is of peek relevance. Children also love interesting interactive features.  Adobe Captivate is the right software that can help at this point. 

When it comes to digital conversion, a lot of companies are there that can assist you in any way you want. MAP Systems is a name to reckon with when it comes to ePub conversion services. The digital conversion company has assisted several business and freelancers worldwide for a wide variety of digital conversion and related requirements. Equipped with best people with great work knowledge and most sophisticated technologies, we offer beyond reproach and cost-effective epub creation and formatting solutions within a short turnaround time. To discuss about a new project or for any type of queries, you can contact us all time round the clock. 

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