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Graphic design tips and tricks with certain tools for colours and fonts

Awe-inspiring design is never just a product of your creativity or talent but a lot more things are included. There are some really operative tools as well as graphic design tips and tricks that you need to have in your armoury.  

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Colours and fonts are crucial and hence before digging deep, let us start the discussions focussing them.

Color tips

Take the fact with a pinch of salt that if you use the wrong color, everything is ruined. You need to be acquainted with those specific hues and blends that can evoke desired emotions in your prospects. Let us see some important tools and techniques that every graphic design services India based company must know. 

  • A lot of people are there online who are addicted to colours. They craft and share different colour patterns and palettes here Colourlovers. From them, you can select those suiting your needs. 
  • Color. Adobe – With this tool, you can create classic combinations using complementary schemes to compound and shades. Also their RGB and CMYK models can be tracked. 
  • Canvas. Pantone –This delightful tool can help immensely when the demand is like “something green or natural like”. You can chose the needed colour and scrutinize its scope in various industries. Several hundreds if illustrations from different designers can be seen. 
  • 0to255- Her you can input any colour you prefer and different variations of its darker and lighter shades can be obtained. 
  • Cymbolism- This website reveals to you different emotions each shades of colours communicate. 
  • Brandcolors- It is repository of colour codes that reputed brands have used.
  • 100-color-combinations from Canva- Here you will find 100 combinations of colours suiting different designs and occasions along with some prolific recommendations. 
Font tips

Even handwritten ones can be impressive. A font suiting real estate website may look weird for an IT website. One which is perfect in a brochure is never recommended for business cards. A lot of facts regarding these exist that only professionals offering graphic designing services know. Below mentioned are some tools and hubs related to fonts that you must know. 

  • Typegenius: Here you select any one desirable for your concept and the tool provides 5 more options that are more perfect. Along with them their live illustrations are shown. 
  • Fontsquirrel- This helpful website has a collection that is manually collected; they are also free for use. 
  • Fontspring. It is another website very much similar to the above mentioned squirrel but with easier filter systems along with the lists which are suitable for apps, eBooks, web and desktop. Also bestselling ones are listed. 
  • Typewolf: This is admired by those indulged in web-typography. You can see various typefaces as they are actually used in websites. On clicking the name of font, similar names and suggestive ones for combining as well as free alternative for them will be shown. 
  • This serves as your aid while browsing the web. While browsing it will tell you the details including name and size of the one you want. 
If you are a graphic design service provider or keen to know about the niche, the above tools can be of great help for you. 

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