Thursday, 15 September 2016

Advantages of virtual reality and simulation in learning

There are several advantages of virtual reality and simulation. When it comes to training, the benefits are in fact seamless for both trainers and learners. Underlying are some of the significant ones among them that need to be mentioned.

Practical acquaintance is provided

After imparting theoretical knowledge through e-learning, information learned can be verified by creating VR scenarios. Thus learners can be availed a complete package and its really beneficial. Trainers can gauge the level of understanding, responsiveness and competence of the learners. 

Learning is made easier and a fun

Children are turned on by sounds, shapes and colours etc. and they watch, listen and try different things. This is how they actually learn. Virtual reality environment makes use of these rudimentary ideologies to create fun and thus memorable and compelling results. Optimal incorporation of audios, graphics and videos etc., helps.

Costs incurred is drastically reduced

In case if the training resources with you are limited, equipment is unaffordable or a lot of people are there to be trained simultaneously, virtual reality e-learning can be the ultimate solution for you. By creating your equipment virtually with every possible minutest of the detail, a training program can be provided to the learners which will enable them to communicate with it, proceed with the best of practice procedures or scenarios for fault finding etc., the actual real item need not be accessed. 

Complex situations are made easier

The complicated pieces in a process, system or equipment can be easily recreated with several techniques of 3d VR simulation. With this e-learning form, users can learn about difficult processes and mechanisms which would be logistically or physically tough to learn in other situations. 

Safer environment is created

In some occasions, training of staff is quite an expensive process; sometimes, it is very risky posing threat to damage of expensive equipment or serious personal injury. A hazardous real-life situation can be avoided by replicating the dangerous equipment. The interactive scenarios created to eliminate the concerns thus helping users to gain the needed knowledge about the subject matter in a safe manner. 

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