Thursday, 7 August 2014

Dynamic ePub or fixed layout ePub? What suits you the best?

Companies providing eBook formatting services and conversion keep on getting inquiries regularly these days and this is mainly because businesses, authors and publishers alike have realized how significant it is to digitize. The coming digital era is completely going to dominate and in fact eliminate the traditional paperback practices.

Now when you have already made up your mind to rely on a company offering eBook formatting services and conversion, the next matter to be decided is whether to go on for dynamic ePub or fixed layout ePub conversion services.

So, now what is dynamic ePub? In the case of dynamic ePub, the elements in a page including images and texts reflow and fit to the screen of device. This is obviously great as things remain at a comfortably readable size no matter whatever the screen size is. But the issue is that the actual printed page layout and formatting is lost. This may not affect with dull books with lesser images and illustrations. However this type of eBook formatting never pleases in the context where page design is the key element and the book consists of a lot of photographs and illustrations.

The best alternative for the above issue is fixed layout ePub conversion services from an expert eBook formatting services provider. Here the page retains its layout always regardless of the screen size and device type. Precisely similar to reading the printed page itself but on a digital screen, user just has a small discomfort of zooming and panning around for seeing the details. These types of fixed layout ePub are suited preferably for highly illustrated books for children and coffee table books etc.

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You are the best person knowing what your exact requirements and target audience are. So, it would be great if you can sort out the option that helps you in achieving your objectives. However, a professional conversion company offering fixed layout eBook formatting services can advise and help you in this regard. 

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