Tuesday, 27 October 2015

5 exceptionally operative tips for successful OCR conversion projects

OCR conversion services because of innumerable reasons are chosen by many businesses from around the world. Sway of companies like IMPACT and Google has helped to resurface the OCR methodology by advancing many useful features and providing robust conversion facilities. There are a few tips to consider while performing it and professional outsourcing companies are well aware of it.

Understand the content
You should have thorough knowledge of the material you are going to convert. It will help you to achieve a better conversion rate even if foreign languages are involved. Tools like Apache Tika can help you understand the language of a document.

Don’t over expect
There is a caveat in every process and the same applies with converting scanned images too. 90-95 %accuracy is more than welcomed for the services. Even if the software and hardware are pre-configured, don’t expect cent percent conversion rate. Also it is a costly process and the pricing can vary. Informational and structural layout also plays a part in the information availability.

Manage full text to a great extent
Optical Character Recognition processing will derive full text which offers an excellent way to enhance digital collections. Keep an eye out for any such full text occurances. Occurrences can be refined using keyword extraction, topic modelling and sentiment analysis.

Careful use of resources
Additional language sources used by technologies like IMPACT improvise the recognition rate by alarming margins. Historical variants and normalizations have to be applied and sufficient technical materials must be made useful during the process.

Post correction techniques
Since there may be mistakes even after OCR data conversion, a feasible way is to adapt to post correction techniques. These vary from crowdsourcing to special tools for data conversion professionals. Gamification offers a level of freedom and many applaud the use of it.

Some points to consider while planning your next project were discussed here in this short article. These fruitful tips for OCR are not to be strictly followed as such but can be tailor-made suiting your needs.

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