Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Vector illustration tips for redefining your exceptionality

Before shedding light on techniques that can help you in taking your vector illustration works to an elevated level, you should be acquainted with the fact that the most important factor influencing your work is the concept or idea.

Regardless of the medium or software you chose, creativity is most crucial. A professional company offering creative illustration services will surely agree to the said and they will be keen in hiring only creative people who think out of the box.

Now just go through some tips that may help you in refining your skills and being more confident.

Provide what the client exactly wants

The very first step you should take is to inquire about client’s needs. After understanding exactly what they need, you can study their concerned industry and business. Based on that you can invent a concept and illustrate it through your craft.

Bezier tools can help a lot

Bezier tools is something that you should master. It may take time but it’s really worthy for the effort you take. You can get the shapes and lines you want in a precise manner. Learn different shortcuts for getting things done speedily.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Illustration should start with creativity and proceed with experimentation. Add elements, remove them, try something different and try again. Ultimately what you had in mind will evolve. Even outputs far beyond your initial expectations may materialize.

Send the work in TIFF format

Normally experts in a professional company offering digital illustration services may start working in CMYK format. Even if the final image is a vector, you should send it to your client in TIFF format. This avoids any issues related to colors or compositions.

People love simplicity

Keep a track of the layers. No one wants to see how much tools you know and what all you incorporate. Customers need outputs that appear pleasing to them and aptly suit their requirements. So, you should provide illustration services that convey the actual message and serve the exact purpose.

Embrace consistency

While working adhere to consistency in the style you follow and maintain it in all the elements. Adding too many styles will make the illustration lack desired authority. However if you think that going unconventional can bring better results, trying it will bring no harm.

Above all, keep educating yourself by gathering information from all available reliable sources. Read articles, blogs and tutorials by experts from reputed illustration companies. Stay passionate and keep perspiring. 

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